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Jul 9, 2018
Snap up a $500 pair of headphones for $200? Yes please. Comfortable enough to wear for extended periods, sound leakage isn't TOO bad for my office, and a very neutral sound- they're everything I hoped they would be and more. I happen to be pairing them with a Schiit stack (modi, Loki, Magni) to get the most out of them and give a light boost to either end of the spectrum. I like a little sparkle in my high end, and these could use just a tiny bump to give the bass a little more body. Not necessary for enjoyment, just my preference. Mids are clear and neutral- I haven't had to do any adjusting there to dial in the sound I want. Definitely a peak performer for classical, jazz, and other genres where instrumental nuance is in abundance.
If you primarily listen to electronic music, these are probably not the Best Buy, but if you have an eclectic mix in your listening library or listen to primarily instrumental work, you can't go wrong here.
Jul 9, 2018
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