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Aug 12, 2018
Not as I remembered it, but still evokes an amazing feeling when paired with the proper amp.
Out of the box impressions: Build Quality: 3/5 - Plastic feels cheap
Cable: 4/5 - Very soft and flexible. Looks: 4/5 - I like the original grey more
Sound: (After about 36 hours of burn in) Albums:
Blue Mind by Anne Bisson The Raven by Rebecca Pidgeon
Rage Against the Machine by RATM
Liquid Spirit by Gregory Porter
Lift Him Up by Ron Kenoly
Bass: Present with good impact. A bit boomy for some reason. May need more burn in (ahem..placebo?)
Mids: Butter-smooth. Very involving. Compared to my LCD2 is a bit less detailed and a bit less refined. But still very enjoyable
Highs: Present but very polite. These are the most non-fatiguing headphones I have ever owned. Sparkle and detail are present without a trace of shrill or sibilance.
Overall: I regret not getting this sooner. My first HD650 was my absolute favorite until I replaced it with an Audeze LCD2. But now I have it back and able to do AB-ing with something that costs 5-6 times more. These can hold its own in a head to head comparison with a Planar Magnetic headphones.
I find the HD6XX can pretty much do 95% of everything the LCD2 can do. It just lacks a little bit if visceral impact, smoothness and refinement in comparison, but at $200....You are absolutely in for a treat.
Thank you Massdrop for making HD6XX.
Aug 12, 2018
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