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Aug 18, 2018
These are my first pair of high-end headphones so this review may not mean as much to some, as i'm unable to go into great detail and can only give feedback based on what I know/like about headphones in general. I'm the average consumer.
With that said, these headphones are amazing. They feel fantastic on my ears; I love how they fit over my ears and the headphone "grip" is the perfect squeeze. I like the soft ear pads that came with them, but they are lint/dust magnets so I will be looking to buy other ear pads.
Sound: Two (2) words come to mind when describing sound through these headphones. "Warm" & "smooth". Im a bass head
I had ordered the SMSL SAP-II Headphone Amp AFTER ordering these headphones in June; however the headphones were shipped earlier than expected and came before the amp. So for 2 days, I had to use these earphones without an amp. Using my iPhone SE at max volume, the sound wasnt really all that loud as expected. Youre gonna need an amp to really drive these headphones.
Overall, these are worth it.
Aug 18, 2018
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