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Aug 22, 2018
These are awesome. Being new to the world of audio gear, I picked up a Modi 2/Magni 3 Schiit stack to go along with this purchase. When I initially listened to these, I wasn't too impressed. Now the details these headphones bring up were immediately noticeable as expected. However, what I wasn't sold on was the bass of these cans. The HD6xx were said to be in the warmer and bassier side of open back headphones but for some reason it felt flat to me.
Fast forward a month into daily use of these and they seem to have opened up tremendously. I'm still not sure if I just got used to the sound signature (most likely), the headphones got burned in, or if the Magni had anything to do with it but these are thumping now while still maintaining clarity. That being said the sub bass on these won't be shaking your head but you can still hear it.
Comfort of these are the best I've had. They do clamp a bit at first but the pads are comfy enough until it stretches out. I've also come to really appreciate the 'Sennheiser veil' as I'm quite sensitive to treble.
Overall I would say these are an absolute steal for $200. Appreciation of these really do come with time (and an amp!). Vocals are amazing and the warm sound really allows for a relaxing listening experience. Like many others here have already said, buy them!!
Aug 22, 2018
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