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Aug 23, 2018
Thank you Massdrop for making this happen. These headphones are amazing for the price. I am very happy with them the clamp for me is strong but this will ease up only had them a few weeks. And don't be put off by this comment Because they are very good. Ok
Bass for me is great. I have a DSP on the lows 31-62-125hz which helps with tracks that need it. But on tracks that don't running bit perfect. As you should do.
Mids just amazing vocals effortless no need to touch this superb. Resolution crisp and forward just how I like it.
Treble very pleasing not too sharp smooth just as it should be. I have a DSP on 8k-16khz only for games.
In a nutshell just such a joy to own. They leave me speechless currently running these on an X7 dac & amp. Soon to buy new cables and spare pads. No need to pad roll. Stock pads are perfect. And only buy oem.
Why are they so popular buy a pair and you will understand run these on a good set up and they will smack you across the face with a smooth detailed audio kiss.
Sennheiser HD6xx -650 a must have set if you care about audio.
Aug 23, 2018
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