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Aug 25, 2018
I am very lucky to get these headphones. I had read and seen on You Tube many positive reviews but at the time the drop was not active. So I joined the drop and they were well worth the wait. The sound and build quality are outstanding especially at this price. A decent amount of Amp power is a definite requirement and this gives them a good solid sound or presence or whatever audiophile reference is appropriate. I used to be a more serious audiophile type but I became obsessive like so many do, so I toned it down a bit and now enjoy the music much more. I have a mid-level system of a 95 watt integrated amp, Oppo disc player and etc. They are extremely comfortable and the sound is not fatiguing. There are more pros than cons but at this price the cons are small. I don't use headphones all the time and my reference headphones are Grado which I prefer but the HD 6XX are are a great alternate. These are a massive bargain.
Aug 25, 2018
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