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Aug 29, 2018
Well, I just sold my 6xx's and presumably to one of you people on here. I liked them a lot, but I just prefer the HD 58x more. I just didn't want to have to drag around a trail of additional audio gear if I wanted to get good sound out of my cans. I liked the low maintenance quality of the HD 58x. I'd like to thank @jaydunndiddit for his insightful posts comparing the HD 58x against the HD 6xx. I was really torn on which one I wanted to keep until I read his breakdown on them. He said the 6xx's really excelled in a few genres with rock being one it was particularly ideal for, but the 58x was suitable for a wider range of genres. My musical diet is pretty wide. Probably not as wide as his, but much wider than most people's and I found myself alternating between being totally in love with the 6xx's sound and merely finding it being good enough depending on what was playing.
Had I not purchased a pair of 58x's for comparison, I would have been entirely happy with the 6xx's though. I don't have anything bad to say about the 6xx's. I even listened to them straight out of my iPhone and found it to sound good enough to listen to that way, but the 58x's sounded better straight out my iPhone 7. For my money, the 58x was just more versatile.
Aug 29, 2018
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