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Sep 17, 2018
Gamer review.
So just on here to say that the one thing I was unsure of was sound positioning in gaming. Its fantastic!
I have no idea why they get such a bad rep.
Testing in BF5 beta, Insurgency Sandstorm Beta - these both have incredible sound and these headphones are incredible with them.
Not only do I think they are good, but time and time again I am able to locate the position of enemies well before my mates. Seriously good. Perhaps there are games with worse sound position implementation, but so far its been far far better than expected.
One other small thing I was worried about was that I haven't had 2 cord r/l speaker setup for a long long time, its usually just the single line out of the headphones. I was worried that it would be terrible with how twisted my headphones can get (during a gaming session I would always get to a point where I'd have to take off the headphones and spend 90 seconds untwisting my cable) - well now what happens is that when I pick my HD6xx up, I can instantly see that its not aligned because of the two cords showing a twist (instead of a single cord where you dont see it until the thing gets all bunched up) so I just turn them around once and the problem just does not build up like it did. Again just great.
Just so happy. 199.99 is a steal, not just for listening to music (try Tron legacy, wonderful), but for my gaming they have been such a revelation. I hooked up a modmic 5 - just the best for quality and cable tidy.

Sep 17, 2018
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