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Sep 17, 2018
Exceptional headphones. Much lighter than I expected base on the appearance. I'm prone to having headphones hurt my ears or the top of my head ( Why I sold my ATH-M50X ) but these I can wear for hours on end. They have just enough pressure to hold themselves in place on the side of my head while not being uncomfortable.
The sound is clear and lively. The best word I can think of is "present"; I feel very *in* the music when listening to these. Although they also highlight poor recordings. Bass is clear but not what I would call strong. They sound great at all volume levels.
I only have a basic Amp/DAC powering these and they still sound great, so I look forward to one day being able to play around with some different and more powerful headphone amplifiers. On the flip side, they sound pretty mediocre when plugged into my Pixel 2 ( as expected ) but that was never my intended use so I won't dock a star for that.
No complaints, wonderful headphones! I'm a very particular person but still something of an audio noob and still really appreciate these.
Sep 17, 2018
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