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Sep 18, 2018
Unmatched clarity and sound! Extremely comfortable and solid build quality. -1 for being difficult in some cases to drive, and slightly lacking in the bass for my taste.
After unboxing the cans from the amazing hardshell case that's included, my initial first impressions were, above all else, clarity. All other headphones sound as if they have cataracts, but for your ears! Note, these are the first open-back headphones I've experienced, so that may also be a large contributing factor. I was first using these with my Yamaha RS-202 receiver, a great sounding amplifier, but not one designed specifically for headphones. I was using this amp while I was waiting for replacement tubes to arrive for my La Figaro 339. With the Yamaha, I noticed I needed to really crank the volume in order to start to hear the music. Once turned up, I still felt as if things were lacking. Voices, in particular, felt distant. Everything was exceptionally clear, but seemed difficult to really appreciate. I assume this is due to the demanding impedance of these things.
Once my tubes arrived for the La Figaro 339, that's when things really came alive! My initial fears were immediately blown away, everything was still exceptionally clear, and felt intimate. What once felt far way seemed now up close. I could properly appreciate vocals and everything felt far more full-bodied! However, I still felt myself craving a bit more low-end. This may just mean I would prefer the sound signature of something more like the HD58X Jubilee, but something to keep in mind if your taste for sound seems similar to mine. I have yet to really experience many other higher end headphones, I have far more experience with various floor-standing loudspeakers powered by older harmon/kardon amps. So take all this into consideration while reading this as your impressions may differ. But I find this headphone setup to really provide an unmatched level of detail that's really difficult to replicate; even in speaker setups I've listened to. These headphones are extremely impressive, and I doubt anyone will be truly unhappy with how they sound. They are legendary for good reason! Just make sure to drive them with something that is capable of doing so.
Sep 18, 2018
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