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Sep 18, 2018
I've been involved in the audio avocation for a long time, but recently not able to set up my speakered system I made the turn toward serious headphoning. I don't typically give a full endorsement of anything, leaving that last rating in reserve for even further improvement and innovation. But here I granted a full five stars because of the overall value-for-money with the HD-6XX - excellent quality sonics, design, build all at a great price. It's amazing the level of performance that's widely accessible for the money today. It's better than it's ever been.
I have a pair of original HD-580 Precision headphones I bought way back when just to get a taste of headphones. Didn't love them, even when ran through better quality DACs and amps. To me, the original 580s were syrupy, thick, mucky, sticky. A bit of a sonic slog. In all that, though, very pleasant-sounding. The HD-6XXs remind me of this, too, though more refined and nuanced.
I'm still looking for that special synergy in my headphone system. I'm leaning towards openness and articulation of planars (probably why I also owned so many Magnepan models). I love the HifiMan HE-400i, but would love it more with slightly smoother and extended HF range, and more extension in the bass (maybe the Sundara or Ananda?). I'm certainly also very much enjoying the HD-6XX on this journey. I'm looking forward to trying it with tubes - a Bottlehead Crack or Darkvoice 336SE? Yes, very much enjoying just how much value is available in the audio market today, and the HD-6XX is evidence of this.
Sep 18, 2018
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