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Sep 19, 2018
Simply the best headphones you can buy for this price.
Take in mind these are not urban headphones, as they are open back and doesn't cancel ambient noise.
If you want precise, beautiful detailed sound, this is an incredibly awesome item. But you will need at least a laptop or pc with decent output power to get it to its full range potential. If you can add a tube amp to these headphones they are gonna blow your mind. (An LG G7, or LG V30 also does the job)
The sound is extremely detailed, you can separate in your mind every instrument and voice with ease, hearing every small detail in the song, even imperfections.
It's fair to mention, that if you are used to bad quality headphones and bassy ones, you will be kinda disappointed, because these are a drastic change even from good quality closed back headphones. Specially if you listed a lot to Pop, Rap and Electronic Music.
I can't give less to 5 stars to this item because it is an awesome high end product for and incredibly low price.
Sep 19, 2018
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