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Sep 19, 2018
To preface this review: I'm not a full fledged audiophile. I refuse to download anything lower than 320 kbps and I enjoy FLAC files, but I can't consider myself a true audiophile. I come from a background of gaming headsets, and the headset I had previously was t he Hyper X Cloud II.
I honestly bought these knowing full well that I might not enjoy them. I assumed that because they were so cheap and so great for the price, that I could resell them if I didn't like them, but I love them! My biggest fear was that these are open back. I live in an apartment with a room mate and have a window air conditioner rather close to me and I still hear everything I need to hear crystal clear. The only downfall of said openness is that my girlfriend hears everything I listen to if she's in the room with me. It's not a problem for me, but it is for her.
The sound is great! My previous headset had pretty great sound too, but its treble was harsh and its bass got muddy at higher volumes. The reason I got into the audio game in the first place is because I wanted to crank them up all the way in Rainbow Six: Siege, and it still wasn't loud enough for me. So I got a cheap SMSL tube amp. This made it louder, but also made that treble harsher. After so long, these just started to hurt my ears. The comfort was fine, but the sound hurt.
In comes the HD6XX, Topping A30+D30 and ModMic 4.
I can see where people come from when they mention the veil and I can see why some dislike it and some love it. I love it as gunshots in games and cymbals in music don't sting my ears. I have no issues with the sound signature of this headset. It all fits really well together. The mids are beautiful as expected from all the other reviews, and piano sounds just amazing.
Here's the kicker though: I'm a metal head. It even makes metal sound good! That was something I wasn't expecting. Softer metal does sound better though. I've been listening to a lot of Nothing More on these and the newer album sounds incredible.
Bass is there and I haven't missed my closed back Hyper X. Mids are beautiful and I can't even compare my Hyper X. Treble is wonderfully recessed and doesn't hurt my ears and is awesome for longer listening periods. Comfort is fantastic but I can see where people come from about a hard first clamp. I wrapped mine around my computer tower. Sound stage is fantastic in comparison to my previous set, but isn't as good as I was expecting.
The cable could be a tad longer though and it makes me want to buy a different cable.
Sep 19, 2018
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