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Sep 30, 2018
These are my go to "critical listening" headphones (I own the 58X and Sennheiser HD630VB as well). Each has a role (58X are my go to late night movie watching phone and are neck and neck with the 6XX for most music--they are also my go to for directly driven from a device [laptop, iPad, iPhone] at home; the 630VB are my closed back option for my office and library or archival work, as well as travel). The 6XX are the most neutral of the three and work best with my various amplification options. They are also best for music that runs a bit "hot" in the upper frequencies (the 58X and 630VB are less-refined, relatively speaking).
If I could only have one pair and I did not have any experience with the 58X, the 6XX would be my one pair (I ordered the 58X first, but received the 6XX a fair bit sooner). I could happily live with them for years (I've auditioned much more expensive headphones and while I acknowledge I could do better, I'm pretty confident it would take far more money than I am currently willing to spend). That said, among the three I do have, the 58X would edge out the 6XX if I could only have one. The difference is small, but the greater flexibility of the 58X (easier to drive, bit punchier bass, more "fun" with movies, lower price) pushes it to the number one spot. But having them both, I get to enjoy each play to its respective strengths and have no regrets at buying both. Nothing I've heard, at twice their combined cost is sufficiently better to my ears to warrant the expense.
IMO, you can't really go wrong with either the 6XX or 58X. Prefer slightly livelier top end and a bit punchier bass? 58X is an excellent option. Prefer a more (relatively) neutral sound and the opportunity to explore tube gear? 6XX is the way to go. Want it all for less than half the cost of anything notably better? Get both and enjoy. I did.
Sep 30, 2018
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