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Oct 8, 2018
i’m very happy with these amazing headphones ! LOVE THEM comfortable + long enough cable 1.8 meter + they sound amazing !! and i like the feel and the sound of open back
if you want a longer cable , there is 3m cable you can buy it from amazon , just make sure that it’s from Sennheiser ~$23
btw this is my first audiophile high quality headphones , but i have been using home theater before
they work nice on my ipod ( Nano 7th Generation A1446A ) make sure to turn off the volume limit. and turn the volume to almost max %95 or max ..
when i got them i plugged the headphones to the rear audio port of my PC .. very quiet and bad and not detailed :( i was kinda sad that i have to wait for an amp and dac to enjoy the sound and music. BUT when i plugged them to the front header .. WOW .. they sound amazing .. at first i was thinking that i must buy an amp and dac. ( i plan to do in the near future for the sake of quality not just loudness ) .. i think giving them more power and a higher quality components is beneficial for HD 650 / 6XX .
but for me it’s loud enough at 50 or 60% volume ( Asrock Z170 Fatal1ty motherboard with Purity Sound™ 3 , TI® NE5532 Premium Headset Amplifier (Supports up to 600 ohm headsets) , Pure Power-In , PCB isolate shielding , Nichicon Fine Gold Series Audio Caps , 115dB SNR DAC with differential amplifier , Direct Drive Technology , Realtek ALC1150 )
SO MY ADVICE TO TRY BOTH OF AUDIO PORTS ( Front , Rear ) it depends on your motherboard or device which one is better .. for me the front header was day and night difference
yes i know it’s not about how loud it’s but the quality of the audio is important too.
i’m not telling you to not buy an amp or dac ... no ... i’m just telling you if you have good PC with good audio give these a try... and don’t worry about not having enough power
i ordered these headphones in 18 September 2018 , and i received them from Saudi Post in 4 October 2018 ( 16 days ) i’m from Saudi Arabia.
Thank you Massdrop :) best regards
Oct 8, 2018
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