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Oct 10, 2018
I'm not sure that these deserve 3 or 4 stars. It's not that they're bad headphones, but frankly, they're a bit underwhelming, compared to headphones that cost me less. I've been comparing them to an old pair of Grado SR225 (similar price, around $200 I think) with EarZonk pads, and the Grados are significantly, noticeably better. I've been comparing them to $160 Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro (250ohm) and the Beyers are noticeably better (but not quite up there with the Grados).
But I don't want you to think that the HD 6xx is bad ... it's not bad. I guess I was just expecting "super orgasmic" and got "decent" instead. It renders acoustic instruments well (except it seems to clip quite a bit in the high registers), and there's nothing particularly wrong with the pair. The head fit is going to take some adjusting and getting used to, and I'll continue to give them some time to burn in, assuming that isn't just some sort of voodoo nonsense.
Pros: * They work * Sound seems clean (I suppose that "neutral" is the term that is trending right now) * No problem handling a deafening amount of power * Clear marking of L vs R (surprising how few headphones do this) * Availability of 3rd party stuff, e.g. balanced cables
Cons: * For my head, which isn't particularly fat, they are a bit too snug out of the box * Massdrop logo (albeit inside the band); Sennheiser logo (albeit muted) * In A/B testing, they seem noticeably muted at the high end of the range compared to other open cans in the same price range (maybe they just need more time to open up?)
I'd pay extra not to have "Massdrop" (or any logo, for that matter) printed on things that I buy. Any thoughts to adding a "logo free" option? ;-)
I can't normally use open-backed headphones because of my office-mate. When I'm in the office alone, I get to crank the amp (Woo WA5-LE) with the open cans, so I know that I have enough juice for these cans. For staying quiet, I've settled on the closed "C" version of the Monoprice M1060, which is surprisingly good for its price (and I picked up a refurb for ludicrously cheap). But these could be tempting:
Oct 10, 2018
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