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Oct 10, 2018
I love my audio and have been looking for a well-balanced pair of headphones that will offer enjoyable experiences for gaming and music while connected to my Yamaha Mixer hooked up to my PC.
What I can say is that these headphones DEMAND custom EQ and volume adjustments. I came from a $60 pair of HyperX headphones which masked it's cheap sound with tons of bass (which isn't bad for gaming, but for music it doesn't cut it).
After tweaking software EQ in Windows and on my mixer and finding the right volume levels at the PC, I can say that these are, by far, the most balanced headphones I've used for music and gaming on my PC. They aren't overpowering in bass levels and honestly, they're super well-balanced across the spectrum. I can hear things clearly that before may have been obfuscated by the copious amounts of bass flowing in to my ear holes.
I've also had issues with my previous over-ear headphones causing pain where my glasses are pressed against my head. These required no break in period. They definitely loosen up and break in to your head, but right out of the box they're comfortable for hours. But now, after using them for a few weeks, I don't even notice them on my head.
I only have a couple of gripes...
1. Why choose not to add another six to twelve inches to the cable, or offering a 15ft extension right in the box. It would be comfortable if the device you're listening on is right next to you (my mixer is right next to me), but even relaxing on a chair with this plugged in somewhere, you'll need some kind of quality extension cable.
2. Open ear. I've never had open ear headphones. I would prefer a closed cup design in the future, as I didn't count on how much noise leaks through BOTH ways. My wife was surprised that she could hear what I was listening to very clearly from the other room and the same goes for audio leak coming in. I have two small kids and these offer zero coverage over ambient noises. (That being said, I have to say, it IS nice that I can hear my kiddo when she comes down to ask me a question and she doesn't have to tap me on the shoulder)

Overall, best money I've spent and I sincerely hope these will be the last headphones I'll ever need to buy.
Oct 10, 2018
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