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Oct 11, 2018
I initially left a bad comment on this can. I guess I was too early to jump to conclusion rather than giving it the time to burn in. First when I got it sounded muddy and dull and soundstage was so intimate I felt claustrophobic. But after few days of listening ...It came to life. Soundstage although very intimate but opened up a little. Vocals are amazing on these ...very detailed and warm. Mids are certainly better than my shp9500. Highs are ok I guess....not like the shp but its ok I can live with that. Its not fatiguing at all. Unlike shp which has no bass these got just the right amount of bass for me ..very tight and extended. I will soon try it with a tube amp..which I heard really improves the sound even more. Great cans...if u love warm and intimate sound..these are some of the best in this price range.
Oct 11, 2018
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