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Oct 12, 2018
Probably one of my better purchases. These are so good.
For those choosing between the 58X and 6XX (I bought both and spent too many hours A/B testing them before reluctantly selling the 58xs), you can't go wrong between the two but I'd sum it up as: - If you want more sub-bass, impact, wow-factor go for the 58Xs (stands out for Hip hop, powerful modern film scores, EDM). - If you want a fantastic and utterly pleasing headphone for all genres (especially if you like jazz, old blues recordings, classical, etc), the 6XX's really can't be beat at this price point.
Ultimately, I thought the 6XXs were less fatiguing for extended listening (and studying) sessions which is my main use case.
Lastly, (since I'm sure people will also look here for info), I would not recommend getting the Dekoni full leather pads for the 6XXs. So much comfort. SOO much basss. Really, the leather pads ruined what makes these special (even though I wanted to like them for the comfort).
Oct 12, 2018
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