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Oct 14, 2018
Design: (10/10) Nothing much to say here, their choices of colors and looks are amazing. I have no complaints. Build and Comfort (8/10) Build is mostly plastic, but it’s good plastic and put together well so I have no complaints about it. The velour pads are decent but the clamping force of the headphones are pretty strong, and that might be problematic for some people, although it wasn’t as big of an issue as I thought it would be. My ears touch the foam between the drivers and my ears which is somewhat of a pet peeve, though. Bass (8/10)Bass has just the right amount for me and I have no complaints about it, although some people might say it isn’t very fast. Sub bass is somewhat lacking. Midrange (9/10)The first thing I noticed with the midrange is that it’s definitely on the warm side, which can be a double edged sword. Once I got used to the sound signature, it wasn’t a problem at all. Because of its warmth it can add a sense of organicness at times, but also can remove a sense of intimacy other times, though. Midrange overall is very good, though. Treble (9/10)Treble takes somewhat of a backseat and definitely isn’t forward. However, it still performs very well and has great presence, especially with cymbal rides. Because it is somewhat rolled off, listening fatigue is far slower. Soundstage/Imaging/Detail (7/10)Detail is EXTREMELY good. Massive improvement over my AD900X. Soundstage is pretty narrow. It isn’t that big of a problem, but I would prefer if it was somewhat wider. Imaging is pretty decent for the 6XX’s narrow soundstage though.Overall: (9/10)TLDR: Tight clamping, good build, warm midrange, laid back treble, neutral-dark signature, narrow soundstage. I posted this review on reddit too
Oct 14, 2018
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