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Oct 17, 2018
Coming from V-Moda crossfade lp (the original) as well as various bose and V-Moda in-ears, biggest surprise is how clear and open these headphones are compared to the crossfades. Much more balanced but still on the warm side. Bass doesn't kick quite as hard, but after back to back listening for hours on end the HD6XX is a far superior sound and the extra detail and soundstage is much more pleasurable than the overwhelming bass. They can be driven by my LG V30 quite nicely with plenty of volume and clarity, though they do hit the deeper notes better when hooked up to my sony str-dn1030. Next step is to get a tube amp for them. Only gripe is that they don't feel like they are quite as durable as the V-Modas, but these aren't exactly portable cans so as long as you're careful with them they should hold up fine. Besides, the V-Moda sets that durability bar pretty freakin high...
Oct 17, 2018
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