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Oct 18, 2018
Having had the Sennheiser HD560 and HD580 headphones in the past, I wanted to go back to open back headphone to listen to the music that I already have, mostly ripped from CD into FLAC, and some high-resolution music that I've gotten from Bandcamp, HDtracks or directly from artists themselves.
So, combined with a FIIO Q5 portable amp, I've really enjoyed listening to those albums again with a much more open and airy sound that open backs provide. I listen to music using the DAC/Amp from my laptop running macOS and Vox audio player or from my Sony NWZ-A17, the latter via a FIIO/Sony adapter cable. For most of the albums that I listen to, I generally have the gain switch turned on on the DAC/Amp in order to get the volume closer to the level that I prefer.
I absolutely feel immersed when playing tracks from various symphony performances or pure vocal tracks. There's no tiring overly punchy bass and, being sensitive to sibilance, the HD6XX don't seem to have as much of a piercing or overly bright sound that other headphones or IEMs can have.
I wish that the band was a bit more flexible, like the older HD580 headphones (but not as flexible as the plastic HD560 headphones).
Oct 18, 2018
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