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Oct 19, 2018
I'll add my voice to the chorus of praise for these headphones. They do indeed sound great right out of the box, and the sound improves, subtly but unmistakably, over the first 20-30 hours of listening. At this point, having listened to these phones nearly every day for the last two weeks or so, I hear a very smooth yet involving high end as well as bass that's tuneful and well-proportioned to the rest of the frequency spectrum--i.e,, not boosted or boomy. The mids are the real miracle on these phones. There's an effortlessness to the sound that's also very refined and revealing. Instruments and voices sound natural and unhyped, and they also have the impact and presence of real sounds in the environment. The soundstage is also very compelling, with no in-the-head feeling. In other words, these headphones tend to "disappear" as I listen to them; the music takes over and I get lost in it, forgetting I'm wearing a pair of headphones at all. The comfort factor helps as well--these are very comfortable headphones. All in all, very highly recommended, and a terrific bargain at this price!
Oct 19, 2018
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