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Nov 1, 2018
I pondered long and hard about doing a review because I didn't know what I could say that has not been said in the 1.4k reviews before me. I have read through quite a few and have found everything from noob to pro reviews and funny to dull reviews and figured what the hell, why not add my own two cents to the legacy that is the 6XX. When I ordered them I did not think that they would live up to the hype and to be honest, I did was not all that impressed at first. I spent some time with them really didn't see what all the fuss was about, after all, they didn't bring anything to the table that my Aeon flow or HD800s didn't already give me. Soon after I dipped my toe back into the world of tube amps just to see if they performed as good on tubes as everyone said they did. I ordered my LD MKii, and some of the recommended tubes for it and patiently waited for it all to arrive. Two days later there was a knock at my door, it was the UPS man with my package so off I went to my desk to set it all up. I wish I could say that I immediately heard the difference but of course, it is never that easy. I spent the next few days pouring over forums and trying all the things people suggested, then, just like that, it happened. I rolled my tubes for the umpteenth time and warmed them up. I found some Cello music in flac and hit play. The sound that came through was just the most amazing thing I had ever heard. I wanted to try another song but was so transfixed by what I was hearing that my hand would not move until the entire one hour and seven minutes of Bach cello suites number 1, 5 and 6 being performed by yo yo ma was over. I then put on Mayo Nakano trio and again I was transfixed, Bohemian rhapsody, eagles, AC/DC, Metallica, BB King, Mozart, Eric Clapton and on and on and on it went for hours with the most amazing sounds washing over me. The lows were so warm and deeper than I had expected, the mids were clean, clar and full while the highs just stayed in focus, never deviating or getting piercing or sibilant. I could hear the breath the wind instrument players would take before hitting that next note, the bow moving across the stings as they sang out and the drum brushes moving across the skin of the drums. It was absolutely incredible how these headphones went from being another decent headset in my collection to all I want to use, even more than my 800s. I fell in absolute love with them found my only regret to be that I did not have a balanced xlr port on my tube amp. I still picked up a custom xlr cable.. just because... and once I got it, I swapped it on and put my 6.5 mm to xlr adapter in the MKii. I didn't expect much, I mean how much difference could it really make? Well, let me say that if you don't have it, try it, if it doesn't make you wanna slap yo momma then your hearing is worse than mine and that is saying alot. I wish I could show you graphs and explain why it is doing what it is doing but I can't because I am not that smart. But I can tell you that this is the best sound I have ever heard from a headphone. My 800s, Aeon Flow, and lcd 2 closed are better headphones but when it comes to this amp headphone combo, they fall behind when listening to certain genres. Thankfully, they are all genres that I love and can spend all day listening to them. If you get the chance, get these headphones and a tube amp and I can guarantee you will not regret it. Like I said, it sounds so good it makes you wanna slap yo momma... lol

Nov 1, 2018
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