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Nov 7, 2018
They are amazing, best headphones iv'e ever owned hands down. Not much to say and as i don't know shit about sound so look elsewhere, i enjoyed "Z Reviews/ZeosPantera" youtube channel and subreddit regarding sound quality. Its the crispiest sounding source i own, you can hear everything in the range, even though im a bass hoe this is next level, you can hear everything through the range. I use them for gaming and daily usage on the PC, defiantly my go to if id like to enjoy some music. dope purchase, i came from a pair of og HyperX's just connected straight to my motherboard, they were not bad at all, but this was a huge upgrade and defiantly worth it. a dumb thing to say would be its like 4k for sound(only including a decent DAC/AMP (Iv'e got the ARC)). arrived pretty much on time safe and sound, happy indeed :). I also went for the Dekoni Premium ear pads, the leather ones with the little holes all over and its soo worth it, makes them much more comfortable! i read they were good but imo its really worth it. (especially if it annoys you when your ear touches the inner part of the headphone, its your best bet). The only downside of the headset imo is the headband, after 2.5-5 hours i feel the band squashing my head and the only fix is to move the headband forward or backwards to ease the ache/sore area. I also went for the ARC mayflower electronics "gaming" DAC/AMP combo, its really good imo, and the input for the mic (i use the Modmic 4) works really good and theres no noise. The DAC/AMP has enough power imo, im using it on the "High" setting and i never go over half volume, most of the time im at like 30-35% with the DSP enabled (i enjoy bass(not that theres a lot of it, but its nice and enough)) I use this setup with VoiceMeterBANANA and besides the app being a bit crazy, it works soo good imo. 10/10 would recommenced if you do plan to spend endless hours with them on your head with no breaks, and you have suffered from "Headband hurting on your head syndrome" in the past, i would recommend to maybe look elsewhere, maybe one of those with the "floating headband" thing like the K7xx's. I love my pair and am not planing on changing them soon. though if a future version with floating headband would be released (yeah right) id defiantly swap.
Nov 7, 2018
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