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Nov 16, 2018
This is my first pair of good headphones so I have no point of reference. HOWEVER, I will say this is the cleanest audio experience I have ever had. I’m pairing these headphones with the O2+SDAC combo for reference. On to the review, I can hear instruments, not just music. I can pick out parts of songs I’ve never heard before, in the punk pop, standard pop, rap, and electronic genres. I had a mind blowing experience listening to the song Crystalize by Lindsey Stirling, I could hear all the intricacies of the violin mixing with the electronic remixing of the audio and it was a truly eye opening experience. I also use this headset for some light gaming, primarily Borderlands 2. For the first time I truly feel like I can hear where shots are coming from, the sound effects and background music are isolated from one another and blend together beautifully. If my setup of these headphones combined with this amp/SDAC were to die in a fire today, I would happily pay twice the price tomorrow to get it back. 5 stars is not enough. This is a lovely setup.
Nov 16, 2018
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