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Dec 15, 2018
I've had these headphones for a couple of weeks now.... I like them a lot, no reservations at all about purchasing them. I use them primarily straight into my cell phone or into my laptop. I don't yet have a headphone amp, and based upon past experiences with home audio and guitar rigs, I am quite sure that the extra headroom that a headphone amp provides would really make these things sound even better. "Turns out, my cell phone (LG V30) has a super quality DAC that runs to the phone's headphone jack (and not to Bluetooth) and I think that adds to my enjoyment. Anyway, my point is that, without a headphone amplifier in the line, I still find these phones to be airy, comfortable, and excellent-sounding. &At this price point, its just difficult not to totally love'em, in my opinion. I suppose that if I listened to thumping hip-hop or ultra-loud whatever, these Sennheisers may not be one's optimum/first choice. But they're really great high fidelity clean-listening headphones.
Dec 15, 2018
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