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Dec 28, 2018
I've always liked the Sennheiser sound. An upgrade was at the back of my head for a good while by the point I purchased these and therefore - for me, the purchase was a no-brainer. Absolutely legendary headphones for 200 bucks + import tax to Europe and shipping? Count me in. I had HD555's before the 6xx. So far I have tried the 6xx with the following equipment: GSX1000 gaming DAC/AMP It's usable but it definitely feels like gsx is on it's very edge. Gsx seems to introduce noticeable distortion above 80% volume and 80 is where you'll most likely be spending a good bit of your listening time. These headphones definitely would like more power. Sound is good though and the music definitely feels a lot more alive with these headphones than with the 555's, even when barely amping them to usable levels. Fiio Q1 mk II DAC/AMP This nifty little dac gets the headphones a bit louder than the GSX and starts to open up the sound stage of these headphones. Music starts sounding even more alive. Comparing the 555's to the 6xx on this amp - I started wondering how I ever considered the 555's good. As an added bonus, this device has a switch for adding some bass and I think the feature works excellently with the 6xx. These headphones can produce a serious amount of amazing sounding bass. All you need to tell them is that you want it. Be it via a bass switch like the fiio has, an equalizer on your computer or a tube amp. Fiio Q1 mk II DAC, Schiit MAGNI3 AMP This was the goosebumps point for me. The excellent sound stage and instrument separation really kicked in for these headphones. I can push the headphones as loud as I'll ever need and when listening to musically powerful pieces, the power really comes through. Doesn't matter if you're listening to "high quality" music via spotify premium or FLAC's. The headphones still let you know why they're as legendary as they are. GSX1000, MAGNI double amping This is my everyday setup. This setup allows the headphones to get loud enough, GSX to add an EQ and do it's binaural 7.1 magic when gaming. It's a tiny compromise on sound but gives me the most flexibility. For reference, I keep the GSX on 60 and magni around 60%(high gain) as well for general usage. If I'm going for a music listening session, I definitely swap out the gsx for my fiio. About the headphones in general To me, they're everything I expected of them. I purchased them before I had the Schiit MAGNI and while I did enjoy them without the amp, you better get an amp if you want to feel what these puppies can do. "Listening to music" somewhat changed it's meaning for me as a result of listening to music with these headphones. I finally *really* understood what people mean when they talk about instrument separation, sound stage or imaging when talking about headphones. Never had I been able to guesstimate the size of a choir based on listening or really pick out the instruments used in a song one-by-one, down to lightest of snare drum hits with a brush. Some songs surprise you, some hardly change as a result of higher quality headphones. The change won't be as obvious as going from black and white to color pictures but the change definitely is there. Music simply feels much more alive and rich - therefore, to me at least, a lot more enjoyable. I find it hard for anyone to be disappointed in these headphones, quality wise. Unless you've already owned the highest quality headphones in existence. And as per usual, the Sennheiser sound: Highs are accurate but wont kill your ears. Mids are liquid gold. Bass feels accurate and if boosted a little, plentiful. And finally, comfort shouldn't be an issue. I have large ears and a large head. Ears have no problem fitting into the cups and I can easily wear the headphones for extended periods. They can be a little tight out of the box but the metal bands running into the headband can be bent a little. Youtube is full of videos to guide you with that. After a slight bend - perfect.
Dec 28, 2018
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