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Jan 9, 2019
Yes. Just, yes. ________________ I own too many 'mid-fi' and 'low-fi' options. I've tested a great deal of multi-thousand dollar hi-fi options as well. The 6XX (650) is THE deal at $200. I still prefer it 9 times out of 10 over my Elex. AND I'd rather wear it than any Audeze or Oppo, BO, BW, or ZMF I've come across so far. For $200, it's insane. It's really hard to consider the 58X at $149, when the 6XX exists. BUT, that being said... The 6XX has worse subbase than the 58X... And the 58X is slightly uglier/poorer in construction quality. For vocal heavy music, or movies like Darkest Hour, and Lord of the Rings, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and such, the 6XX is the king. Just slightly warm, and never harsh. The 6XX is just a great compliment to something like the X2. A just slightly-warm but still analytical set of headphones, and the X2 as the FUN cannons.
Jan 9, 2019
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