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Jan 12, 2019
Thoroughly love these headphones, I came from a pair of DT990 pro cans that I found way too harsh for my liking and these are just so much more.. easy to listen to. They sound phenomenal, don't require a ton of power - I'm only using a Fiio E10K to power mine at the moment - and are just enjoyable for hours on end without any ear fatigue. The sound is very rich to me, it doesn't sound as detailed and precise at the 990s but to me it's a much fuller sound and a much more enjoyable signature. I've also found that while the bass in these isn't blasting like say the 990s (they were oddly punchy) I have found that it handles bass perfectly fine and more importantly to me cleanly. When I listen to EDM I don't find the bass is overbearing but it just sounds very clean and more... right to me. I did find them a little clampy at first, but that didn't take very long to break in. There are a lot of 5-star reviews for a reason, if you want an enjoyable experience that you can upgrade over time with better AMPs then these are the cans for you! There will always be something bigger and better you could get for more money, but I don't think anyone would regret a pair of these!
Jan 12, 2019
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