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Jan 16, 2019
Pretty disappointing, non-engaging sound. I ordered these and then decided I would need a decent headphone amp to drive them. So, I ended up ordering a Xduoo TA-01B from Amazon based on reviews and because I wanted to experiment with tube sound. The amp arrived 2 days before the Sennheisers so I used my 8 year old, bass-anemic Audio-Technica cans to try the amp. I nearly cried listening to my favorite symphonic pieces and some Jazz. The amp made me fall back in love with my old headphones. Who needs bass when the music sounds beautiful and engaging? Of course I expected the Sennheisers to sound even better but to me the sound is undynamic and much more congested than the A-Ts. There is not the same degree of blooming. There seem to be fewer volume levels while the A-Ts changed volume more gradually allowing sound to decay nicely. The Sennheisers have less instrument separation and silence seems less "silent" than on the A-Ts. To add insult to injury, I find the Sennheisers very uncomfortable and they make me suffer from hot ears. I don't normally return stuff and don't even know if I can return stuff on Massdrop so I will keep them for a while and then probably give them away. I might be an audio philistine but I know what I like and and life is too short to suffer with cans that make music sound uninteresting and that are uncomfortable.
Jan 16, 2019
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