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Jan 19, 2019
I'm honestly loving the crap outta these, I'm not a huge fan of gaming headsets, so to personally own my first pair of audiophile headphones is a godsend. To put into perspective how much I prepared for this(GROSS WARNING!) I lavaged my ears(wouldnt recommend if you dont know what you're doing) so I could listen to some awesomeness with these. I have a Asus DX soundcard (working on a decent DAC and AMP combo soon, any recommendations?) and they're phenomenal! Mind you it's 2018 and this still is a viable set of headphones. ONLY CON: The cable feel significantly short :'( they're great for travel and going out but not for pooters(computers) well in my setup anyway. But this might just be a personal gripe. I managed to get a longer cable on amazon from Sennheiser and they're lovely and haven't changed the quality(idk i'm new to all this), I think. I know some vow that there's a difference but i've yet to notice any big changes. Thanks for reading! Have fun! :)
Jan 19, 2019
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