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Jan 23, 2019
I am not exposed to high end audio at all. This is my first pair of truly serious headphones. The bass is definitely lighter than I expected, but it is there and sounds incredibly accurate. I can not express how much more clearly everything that plays through this headset is compared to any other headphones I have ever used. Nothing compares. I have let many other friends use my HD 6XX headphones at my computer and they've all been blown away by it. Seriously, listening to songs through the headphones gives a whole new depth to everything. There are many instruments and whatnot you can clearly pick up on that you never would have known existed in a surprising number of songs if you didn't listen with these headphones. The headphones are incredibly comfortable. They don't even touch my ears when I wear them and have perfect contact around my ears. They are open-back headphones so they don't feel stuffy. Honestly, you can easily forget you're wearing them. They still feel great even after 10+ hours of continuous use. Unfortunately since they are open back you can hear any noises around you even when audio is playing and conversely everyone can hear what you are listening to. Fortunately though the sound quality is so good you'll still hear everything clearly even at super low volume (which others can't hear). These Sennheisers are very well built and can be taken apart completely to the point that you can remove the sound producing cartridges. This is great for cleaning the headset (needless to say, don't touch the film looking element that produces sound it's probably very sensitive). The headphones are surprisingly durable with one notable exception... the cable. I have owned my HD 6XX for almost 14 months now and part of the cable right at the base of the plug that goes into the right ear cup seems to have torn underneath the insulation since the right side cartridge still works when I plug the left side plug in the right side. I was actually looking for customer support (since there is a 2 year warranty) when I realized I should leave a review. I will change my review to 5 stars when the cable is replaced. Either way there are many after market replacement cables you can buy ( but they're expensive). I don't have a DAC /AMP to boost the headphones, but it sounds just fine without them. Apparently these will make the HD 6XX sound much better, but I honestly don't know how its sound signature could be improved. If you have never listened to high end headphones (beats are NOT high end... they're just expensive) these will BLOW YOU AWAY!
Jan 23, 2019
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