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Feb 7, 2019
Disclaimer: I’m an amateur audio buff. I’ll not wag on with techno-wit audio banter, as that has been done in spades already. Suffice to say that these headphones sound good with any genre. You have to love the guru tact. “Best sounding headphones under $1000!!!” Etcetera. Bahaha, one gets what one pays for. It kind of comes down to roughly matching up all the hardware with each other in terms of sonic capability. These headphones sound great with my raspy old tube stuff. Would it sound better with two thousand dollars worth of headphone? Maybe, but musically it wouldn’t justify an $1800 premium. I would agree that these might be the best phones for $200. Once again MD partners with a top company to offer a good piece of gear for a reasonable price.
Feb 7, 2019
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