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Feb 8, 2019
These are awesome! What can I say? The spoken words are clear and staged well. It has the warmest sound all around. You lose some of the instruments compared to HE4xx but you get other benefits like a fuller sound and bass notes. Honestly,I'm ok with the trade off. A few months later after the break in, I can tell you it made this an even better set. They're really just a great headset. It isn't the best at anything (way above average across the board though) they're very linear. So why 5 stars, these are like home base. When you get tired of too much bass, or treble or whatever was fun in another headset because it sounded new.... you come back home. This headset is home. This headset is what I'll compare everything to. It's the standard. I use a Emotiva bass100x amp, a darkvoice tube amp or a portable nx4 DAC.
Feb 8, 2019
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