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Feb 10, 2019
Hard to imagine getting a better value with any other headphone purchase. I've tried both these and the HD-650's and rest assured they are totally identical, the only difference is the price. You can feel every note of your music without any area being overpowering. People call these "veiled" or suppressed at the high end (treble), but in reality they are extremely clear and detailed across the spectrum, they just have more of a musical, warm, sound than the HD-600, which has a slightly more analytical (but harsher) sound. To me it makes rediscovering my music in all genres very enjoyable--the soundstage, detail, and clarity really opens it up and lets you hear it how it was designed to be heard. You will notice a huge difference between recordings that are recorded and mastered well vs overly loud, low-quality tracks. These are also supposed to scale very well with higher end equipment-I've only used them with a Kenwood KA-305 amp from the 70s with vinyl and digital, but this is the first time I can actually understand the character the amp imparts to my music (and the vinyl really does sound noticeably better than the digital from my phone). If you're thinking about it, just buy them, they will probably actually exceed the hype. Sidenote: never thought burn in was real before but these sound noticeably better after two weeks.
Feb 10, 2019
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