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Feb 12, 2019
Smooth and chunky! Headphones that I owned is ATH m50's, ATH-R70x, Hifiman He400i, Fostex TX-0 and these. I also have a couple of earbuds the VE monk plus and VE ZEN 2.0.
  • From my memory, the closest sounding is the R70x which has better tonality and bass quality. However, it is less detailed, and a little bit dry. On the other hand, the HE-400i has more dynamics, good microdetails and bass slam but are really fatiguing because of its brightness. The m50's is more forward sounding. It's like pushing the details in your face. Lastly, the TX-0 has good vocal clarity, also laid back, with more bass quantity but bloated at times and is less detailed in midrange sometimes making the music sound muddy.
  • When compared to the VE ZEN 2.0 which I really like! has more details, good instrument separation and better soundstage. Vocal clarity are topnotch. A little on the bright side, not fatiguing as the 400i and m50's But, sounds thin and sometimes vocals sounds too airy and unatural.
Soundwise, beside from the R70x, the HD6Xx is the most natural sounding and vocals has a sense of realism. Depending on the music you are listening the bass can be too much making it dark sounding at times. I hope in the future I can compare it to the HD600/58X/660s. If your preference is smooth, non fatiguing and relaxing musical experience this headphone is for you. No wonder it gained a legendary status among other headphones. Kudos to massdrop and sennheiser for this collaboration.
Feb 12, 2019
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