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Feb 20, 2019
Those on a budget please read: To start I would say that I love these headphones. No complains whatsoever. I wanted to put this out there for those on a budget. When I bought these I immediately bought a magni 3 and a modi 3(cost ~$200) and used them that way since the beginning. Honest opinion. Amazing setup. Loves how it sounds. This is the budget part though. I've had these since september/october 2018 time frame and recently I tried the headphones with my motherboard and I can say that I love the sound. Can't put it any louder than 50% without giving myself a headache from being too load and it's very clear and detailed. The sound is different though. With the Schiit stack you get the pure Sennheiser sound meant for the headphones very laid back and not taxing at all when listening for long periods. With the motherboard its more "exciting" to say with the same settings in windows 10. The only drawback is you get less of the Sennheiser sound, a higher noise floor, and it's more taxing on the ears(not by much though). What I'm getting at is give your motherboard a try before buying an amp and/or dac. You might not need it. Especially on a budget. Personally I'm keeping the 6XX plugged into my motherboard and using the Schiit stack in another room for a family member to use. It matches my tastes better. For reference I do have a mid-high end motherboard so these statements might not be true depending on the motherboard you're using. I have a ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero (Wi-Fi AC) Z370 Hope this is helpful to someone out there
Feb 20, 2019
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