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Mar 4, 2019
After some big delay in shipping (problems with local customs office) they have finally arrived. I spent a long time deciding on which "high fidelity" headphones I should get, as they would be the first to introduce me to an audiophile quality music listening experience. And I can say with confidence that I made the right choice, the step up from my previous setup is mindboggling. Before: Creative Soundblaster Titanium soundcard + Sennheiser Game One (these weren't bad at all for gaming though, solid Sennheiser quality) Now: Grace SDAC + O2 Headphone Amp + Sennheiser HD6XX I believe the price of these cans compared to what sound you are getting is basically a steal for frequent music listeners. Together with good source material this an epiphany for my untrained ears. I can now hear basically everything equally well from lows to highs and can make out many details which I simply did not pick up before. Soundstage is definitely more open than my old headset too. Bass is quite pleasant, not too strong, just right. Mids are very detailed, but I think the true strength are the vocals. Oh my, the vocals, as if the one singing is standing in front/next to me, very intimate. Though I noticed at the beginning they may sound a bit "flat" and boring, but after many hours of listening they break in nicely (and/or my brain and ears adapted to them :-) ) I mainly listen to softer electronic genres both with and without vocals and some more classical stuff too, but the occasional other genre sounded just as good. It's basically a jack of all trades really because it's so neutral. All in all, very happy with these. Sadly I don't yet have any comparison to other audiophile headphones as these are my first. (And very likely not the last...)
Mar 4, 2019
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