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Mar 5, 2019
Great headphones, as I am sure anyone who has done even minimal research will see glowing reviews These are my first pair of open back design headphones. I also own noise cancelling overear Momentum'. I'd say on par sonically, but the revelation was more around fatigue. I find these very comfortable and I'm happy to wear them for long periods. I had heard open back design is more "natural", and now I understand that statement. I bought these to use in my home studio, and they are comparable to good studio monitors. Perhaps better in terms of stereo imaging and frequency response because they eliminate the issue of room resonances and reflections Having said that, I personally wouldn't use these out on street or in the workplace, because open back headphone have little isolation, so expect sound leakage and outside interference. Also, I see reasoning for the 1.8m cable for most people, but personally would prefer the standard 3m cable for the studio. But given price for the HD-6xx I can happily factor in buying the 3m cable and still have a bargain I don't think you can find a better deal for similar Sonic performance.
Mar 5, 2019
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