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Mar 15, 2019
I am still pinching myself that I was able to secure a set of HD650s at this price point. I love the way Sennheisers sound, I have some hearing problems so need to have a set of headphones that don't overemphasize bass as that will just stomp over the rest of the sound which is why I've stuck with Sennheiser. I've listened to friends HD800s but wasn't willing to drop four figures on them but these 6XXs are 75% of the quality at 20% of the price. I use these as my go to headphones with the O2 headphone amp and even with my dodgy hearing the sound is balanced and incredibly well detailed. The fact I paid $200 for these is just staggering. In fact I bought two pairs in case I can't get these in the future. That is how much I love them. They don't seem to have any appreciable drop in quality from any of my other Sennheisers, I can only assume the low price is to do with the fact the R&D has already been paid for and we are paying something closer to the manufacturing costs. My benchmark track for any headphones is The Bell on Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells II. The reason for this is that I listened to this track from start to finish on a pair of brand new HE90s (but we like to call him Orpheus) at a HiFi show in Manchester in 1991. Obviously the memory of that listen is now clouded by nostalgia but over the years I've always used this as my test track and the 6XXs did an amazing job with this. They are incredibly comfortable, initially they were a bit still and clampy on my head but after a week or so they have loosened up to the extent where I can listen to them for hours without any discomfort.
Mar 15, 2019
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