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Mar 16, 2019
so i have had my pair from the first drop they had got lucky and got a pair and i have been using them daily and i have to say they are nice and light they fit really (at least on my head) and the sound is top notch for someone who is willing to drop money in to a pair of nice headphones but does not want to brake the bank the 10ft cable that came with it was good but a bit long for my liking i am really happy that they make and use 6ft cables now they are just long enough for anything i want to use them for with out the extra cable hanging down or having to do something with and as for quality of the headphones to say its good is a real understatement i have dropped mine quite a bit of times from the chair arm grabbing the cable and yanking it as i turn in my chair to get up so they have hit my hard wood floor more then i would like to admit over all i loved the buy i would buy it again
Mar 16, 2019
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