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Mar 20, 2019
This is one of 9 other Sennheiser head/ear-phones I have or had own(ed) together with countless other cans but this is the only one that put a smile on me everytjme I put it on no matter what music genre is chosen. Sure it’s not the most analytical and the soundstage isn’t the widest, it is but the most organic sounding headphones I’ve ever put listened since the first pair of Sony earphones I bought 38 years ago with my own money from my first part time job. YMMV but I find the bass adequate and even full bodied when hooked on to my integrated amp which shows that it needs good amp to drive it. I’ve read from a magazine which mentioned that good loudspeakers are typically harder to drive. The right side is that they don’t sound compressed when the volume is turned up and this is exactly what happens to the 6XX. the build quality is nothing to shout about but it is no less comfortable than other Senneheosse except the 58X which seems to have a slightly wider headband and more sharply angled ear cups making the lower part clamping the underside of the ears too tightly. the 6XX sounds so good I am even considering buying a second pair as a spare. This is definitely a pair of headphones everyone must at least try once.
Mar 20, 2019
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