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Mar 22, 2019
No 1. BASS BOOST, I'm sorry but if you don't have 600hz 24db bass boost on headphones with loudness equalization, virtual surround and room correction. Why would you spend more than 200$. Legitimately, my friends and I, even without bass boosting on, think these are better than speakers that are over 500$. For incredible sound (the ability to fix crackly audio if recorded correctly) is just, 200$ is prime. The Pro's -
  • Cheap
  • Incredible Audio
  • Minor Computer Skills Required
  • Perfect lineup for Audio Mixers
  • Minimal sound required for the most insane experience
  • Studio Level Performance
  • Seemingly Flawless
  • The box delivered within looks DOPE
The Con's -
  • Requires a Professional level Mic or an Aux to Usb Port if using an undeveloped computer
  • Requires some mixing and matching for your personal preference (expected but impossible to choose)
  • Cord naturally tangles for a while, but it's worth it
  • Cord for personal lifestyles can be either shorter or longer than required, maybe add a bridge?
After a long awaited attempt for the PERFECT headphones for my budget, here it is. YOU CAN NOT contest these headphones without maxing the AUDIO QUALITY and CONSISTENCY of these. I think a few people confuse, 'ugly' with perfection, trends do not change the audio quality, the bias in branding does. If anyone tries to stand you up ask them how broke they were after their pair. Legit the audio quality is outstanding, I don't have to shake my entire house to get a better bass than before. The Con's are minor things but for people who are serious about musical development or have a low end computer, this feedback is required. But nothing can take away how incredible these are. I will be using these till Uni and back sooo. Thanks for the Crossover. Best regards who is considering to ask for these on re-release. I would get another pair. GGGGGGGGGGGGG. #Doyourresearchkids
Mar 22, 2019
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