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Mar 30, 2019
Now I'm not expert on audiophile grade equipment as I don't have the budget to try a whole lot of different headphones, but suffice it to say I've spent a fair bit more money than the average person. These, by far, are the most pleasant headphones I have ever tried. Everything is nice and clear, but not the least bit fatiguing, which is an issue I have with all of my other headphones eventually; but not these! Pros: Excellent audio quality Warm sound that isn't fatiguing Comfortable and relatively lightweight Cons: No noise isolation(but this is an issue for all open back headphones, and when used in the proper environment, the pros far outweigh this con) Requires an amp to make the most of them(I personally use the Schiit Fulla 2 as a budget option at $99) Conclusion: If you want a great sounding pair of headphones for your home and or office, these are absolutely fantastic when paired with a decent dac and amp. They're not great for taking with you out and about since there's no sound isolation(you can hear everything around you, and everyone can hear what you're listening to), and they require an amp to sound really good. I personally use mine at my desk with my computer and I couldn't be happier with the money I've spent!
Mar 30, 2019
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