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Apr 3, 2019
Recommend that you Invest into a a proper amp to drive these. These headphones are a 5/5 but the 300ohm impedance limits their versatility and source choice. You can use cheap DAC/AMPs like a Fiio Q1 Mark II or K3 but you would benefit much more from a device that can properly deliver the power to these headphones hence my 4/5 star rating. Going from the above devices to a proper source is night and day for a better lack of terms. These are very well an end game headphone, but that really depends on how much you want to spend on a dac amp combo. With that said. I fully recommend these. If you want to use headphones on your phone or tablet, just go with the 58x. It'll work a lot better in terms versatility and consistency regardless of the price point.
Apr 3, 2019
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