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Apr 10, 2019
They are OK. I expected much more from them based on reviews. I think those reviews are from people who either don't know what they are talking about or maybe just like this particular sound signature. I bought these with my own money over a month ago and will be putting them on ebay. I'm not saying they are "bad" just that they are no where near how much everyone drools on them. They were $200 and that's really a little more than they should be.
  • The build quality is cheap
  • They are comfortable, but a little to much clamp force for long listening sessions
  • They are warm in sound signature
  • Highs are there just not detailed
  • Sound stage is tight, literally it's "in my head". I do not have the feeling of listening to a live performance like I do with other headphones.
  • The cable is cheap and cumbersome
  • No case for traveling
  • They are a weird dark blue color that is really ugly
They came in a fancy box that is not very environmentally friendly. I would much rather they dropped the cost of that and made the build better. For comparison these are about the same as my "Beats studio pro's" (which isn't saying much) and not as good as my Sony WH1000. I have others but no sense in taking the comparison that far.
Apr 10, 2019
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