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Apr 13, 2019
Overall excellent value. What's good:
  • very enjoyable, relatively easy listening
  • Gives way more detail than it should at this price point
  • a step up from the 58x in almost any dimension
What could be improved:
  • vocals are a tiny bit less sweet than on the 58x
  • clamp is a bit tight
  • it's rather picky about the music played through it. For me, most Pop music, for example, does not work at all on these.
  • profits from good source material and hardware
  • need an amp to realize potential
What's bad:
  • the cable is relatively stiff along the rotational axis, i.e. it bends nicely but it does not like to untwist... combine that with the two leads being joined relatively near to the headphone and in a way that is fixed, means at least one lead touching your throat, exerting light pressure. it won't kill you but it's very irritating over longer sessions
  • the packaging is wasteful and laughable... giant, nice box, very sturdy - you open it up and the headphones just fall into your hands (or on the floor if you're not careful) - they aren't held in the box by any means
Apr 13, 2019
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