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Apr 14, 2019
Beautiful, comfortable, detailed and clean sound After a long waiting I got finally my 6xxs. And I have to say that they were worth the wait!. Here goes my summary:
  • The 6xx are light and comfortable, perfect for long-listening sessions. The clamping force is not as much as I had expected after all the reviews I have read. I like to feel the headphones firmly on my head.
  • They are very pleasant to listen to. I would describe the sound as being warm, velvet-like, very clean and detailed. I don't perceive anything in the sound which can be described as "veiled"... The detail in the high frequencies is good enough, no complaint at all in this respect.
  • The soundstage is not as wide as the 4xxs but the separation of the instruments is quite good. The sound of the 4xxs may be more "overwhelming". Listen to some genres can be a thrilling experience (I'm thinking for example in Jean Michel Jarre "Oxygene" and "Equinoxe" or in Eric Clapton´s 1993 "unplugged" album. But the 6xxs are more friendly and pleasant in the long run, all genres sound pretty well, in particular voices (specially female voices).
  • What surprised me the most is that, to my ears, they don't need much amplification. I have tried them with my iPhone 6, iPad, MacBook Air, Sony NWA35, Fiio X1II via line out and CD player via A/V amplifier headphone out. With the portable players I have tried Fiio A1 and Topping NX1s portable amplifiers and also SMSL Sap II desktop amplifier.
  • To be honest I did not find a significant difference between playing directly from the players or using any of the amplifiers. For example, playing the FiioX1II at 40% volume provides sufficient loud volumes to enjoy. More than 50% of the volume is already too much to my ears!. When using the SMSL Sap II (150mw at 300 ohms) I never went beyond 11 o´clock!.
  • I noted a good improvement of the sound quality when playing from a PC or laptop via a dedicated DAC such as TOPPING D10 or Aune T1s. In these cases I use a JDS LABS atom and a Fiio K5 as amplifiers. And again, the improvement I cannot attribute to the amplifiers but to the DAC.
  • With my 4xxs I often found myself playing the music at a very loud volume and after a couple of hours my ears started to hurt. The 6xxs are good at any volume, which is even healthier!.
Since I started this audiophile hobby I sometimes had the impression of being "more focused in the toy than in the game" and after testing new, expensive gear, I frequently found myself thinking "it could still sound better". I no longer enjoyed music in the manner than I used to do before. I was poisoned by expressions such as "upgrade", "high end", "the headphones scale up very well with the adequate gear"....and was even tempted to join the drops for amplifiers costing actually much more than the headphones!. I'm pretty convinced that the law of diminishing returns fully applies in this case. I hope that this review may help some of the confused and overwhelmed "newbies" out there. My only advice is to wait until you receive your 6xxs, and judge for yourselves. You will always be in time of "upgrading" later if you think that it is not "good enough". As regards me, my search of the ideal headphones is over. Good enough is good enough... I'm enjoying music again. Nothing but music.
Apr 14, 2019
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