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Aug 27, 2019
Bought the HD 6XX with the Objective 2 Amp. I don't have a dedicated DAC, but hopefully my PC's audio is sufficient. It's a Dell XPS 8930 Desktop, which has fantastic audio from what I've heard on my ATH-M50x. However, I noticed that the Objective 2 Amp Desktop Edition has RCA inputs. I need to connect these to either my front panel line-out or my back panel line-out. I noticed on my ATH-M50x (and without an amp) that the back panel line-out seems to have much less bass than the front-panel line-out. Could it be that the back-panel line out is not as powerful as it's meant to be paired with speakers, which have a high voltage power supply? And if that's the case, would an amp connected to the back-panel line-out fix this issue or should I just use the front-panel?
Aug 27, 2019
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